Dating After Getting Implants

Dating After Getting Implants

What Women Think Of Dating After Getting Implants

Many women are choosing to go the route of getting breast implants, as the pressure on them is increasing in terms of looking young and beautiful. This dynamic has many angles to it but from the perspective of dating, it become even more interesting. I recently came across an article about the concerns women have about having fake breasts and whether they should tell the guy they meet, etc.


Following are just some of the thoughts that were discussed, and I thought it would be useful for all my female readers to get a glimpse of this. So here we go…following points seem to be on the minds of women that have either gone through with a breast lift or a breast implants surgery.


-          “Should I tell the guy that I have had this surgery?” – Though looks are important to most men, so is honesty. So, when dating it is important to handle this subject in an honest and mature manner rather than being dishonest about it.

-          “When should I tell the guy?” – This is an important question, and it is best to know when this feels right for you. It is best to establish a certain amount of rapport prior to disclosing anything too personal.

-          “What will a guy think when I tell him about my implants?” – This again may vary depending on the maturity of the person you are dealing with. In case, you have already had this surgery, then it might be futile to think about others’ reaction towards your choice.

Though there are many more variables involved in how getting a surgical procedure can impact a woman’s dating life (for better or worse), these are just some of the most common concerns and questions that I found. So, whatever you choose to do, make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons for the long term, and then be comfortable with your choice.


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