Numbers About Love and Dating That Make the Difference

Numbers About Love and Dating That Make the Difference

As they say, “Dating is a numbers game” – A law of averages, so let’s take a look at some numbers on how you can get lucky in love.

Have you ever looked at the person you’re in love with and thought to yourself, “Imagine what the odds would be that we’d meet and fall in love?” I met my partner online more than twelve years ago now, our respective hometowns were more than 1000 miles apart. Turns out our paths literally crossed numerous times before we eventually met. Work and social events saw me visit Vanessa’s then hometown every so often. Through many a trip down memory lane we often laugh about how it turns out Vanessa and I were in the exact same place at the same time on various occasions well before we ever met – we even trained at her local gym at the same time and date on new years day in 2003. Coincidence or fate, who knows? I’m picking fate!

What were the odds of Vanessa and I meeting the way we did? I did a little research to satisfy my curiosity. I found some neat statistics in a book called Sex in America. Out of all the internet relationships formed in 2004 to 2009, 19% of those saw couples meeting across the miles and relocating from one state to another to be with their new match. Not surprisingly, the most common way for people to form romance was via a network of friends – sixty-three percent.

Despite our human instinct to be with another, more than 100 million American’s remain single. So if you’re single and don’t know why, you’re sharing this burden with nearly half the American population, so try not to take it too personally. With this, it stands as no surprise why the masses are turning to LuLu #HashTags, Swiping left and right on Tinder and utilising other location based free American dating sites to create their own road map to love.

How can American singles sway the odds to give them the statistical edge?

1. Statistically speaking, the odds favor the guys. On a national basis there are less unmarried men in America than women – 86 unmarried men to every 100 unmarried women which counts for the mainstream population. In certain religions however, the odds tip in favor of women. If you’re a girl residing in some of the warmer parts of America such as Navada, Florida, California, Arizona or Fort Lauderdale there is significantly more unmarried men than women – 118/100 respectively.

2. If you’re looking for love in the big city, try poking around in New York, half the population is unmarried. Over in Washington D.C, a staggering 70% of the population is foot loose and fancy free. Cities including Utah and Idaho on the other hand, 60% of the population are officially off the market.

3. Are you fed up and frustrated trying to find a connection night clubbing and bar hopping? No wonder! Less than 10% of women and less than 2% of men claim to have started any meaningful romantic relationships in these environments. You might have more success hitting on hotties at the supermarket or Starbucks.

4. I saw some intriguing stats the other day in the book,  Are You Normal About Sex. The book reveals that 51% of pickup strategies incorporate flattery, 23% pursue by putting out the word via a mutual friend, and 25% use subtle touching techniques to woo their potential date.

5. 40 million single men and women in America use the internet to scout for love. If you’re the shy type, online dating shields you from some of the harsh realities in the dating scene. In case you’re completely oblivious, online dating these days is overcrowded with various platforms matching people in real time and location. Tinder, LuLu, Free Dating America and Match are at the forefront of the online dating market to indulge our desires and curiosity.

6. If you use the internet to hookup, chances are you’ll also use it to breakup. With the same ease you had Tinder swiping left for no, and right for yes, an estimated half of all cyber connections will end practically the same way they began – via text, Facebook or email. As convenient as it is to hookup online, call it either convenient or perhaps plain rude, breaking up electronically is the norm.

I can’t help but think that the union and uniqueness of meeting people has become trivial. People are less fearful of breaking up and restoring relationships. The revolution and convenience of free dating apps has created an easy come easy go mindset.

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