Online Dating in the Modern Age: How to Woo a Woman

Online Dating in the Modern Age: How to Woo a Woman

 A lot has changed about dating and relationships in recent years, thanks to the emergence of our online world – but a lot has stayed the same as well. Hundreds of thousands of couples have now met and fallen into wedded bliss, thanks to websites like Free Dating Australia. As eligible bachelors maneuver through the new complexities, many express frustration over mastering the art of love in the modern age. Women, on the other hand, lament the displacement of chivalry and courtship that online romance often lacks.

Online dating has many, many benefits. It levels the playing field for singles to find ideal matches, in environments that aren’t filled with alcohol, smoke, and a meat-market vibe. It gives everyone an opportunity to put their best face forward, and express exactly what and who they are looking for. Folks looking for love can do so at any hour of the day or night, from the safety of their computer screens. The list goes on and on.

Yet the often two-dimensional profiles that prevail on dating sites and websites for chatting don’t provide ample context for men to woo a woman. The general process is simple: A man spies the profile of a lady he is interested in, sends her an on-site email, and the dialogue kicks off. If there’s a mutual attraction, an in-person date is set, and love takes over (or not.)

What isn’t implicitly expressed here is  how  a gentleman aptly catches the attention of a desirable woman. Those men who don’t adopt a chivalrous methodology often see the lack of respect and effort reflected in their online dating efforts – in other words, they don’t get a lot of dates. Here’s how to tip the scales in your favor.

Tips on Digital Wooing

The next time you’ve spied a woman worth pursuing online, follow these women-approved tips:

1) Never contact a woman on an online dating site without first completing your profile and posting pictures. Incomplete profiles give the indication that you aren’t serious about finding love.

2) Don’t post pics of you flexing or acting overtly macho – they don’t actually impress discerning women. Instead, post photos that truly reflect what you look like. Casual, candid shots that show your best side without making it appear you are simply trying way too hard work best.

3) Be HONEST in your profile shares. Don’t over embellish – you will eventually be found out. Do, however, attempt to infuse some wit and humor in your write-ups. If

your profile reads like a boring diatribe, women assume you are boring. Spend some time making your profile interesting and intelligent – love is worth the effort.

4) When you email a lady, tell her exactly why you liked her profile. NEVER send a generic form letter; women want to know what exactly made you reach out and connect. Mention things you have in common, compliment her photos or writing style – whatever it is that got you to draft an email, don’t be afraid to share it with your potential love connection.

5) Prove to her that chivalry is also not dead. Be respectful and gracious. Invite her to look at your profile, and lead her to the parts you are most proud to share. If you noticed she’s a traveler, point out your photos from Cancun. If she’s a single mom, talk about your kids warmly too. The more she feels like you resonated specifically with her, and are not just fishing for dates, the more likely you are to get a response.

6) Finally, don’t ever be pushy about meeting in person. Leave the ball completely in her court. Indicate you’re open to taking the relationship to the next level, but let her choose when, how, and where. Women need to feel respected and allowed to lead the charge; any attempt to push past her boundaries could be met with rejection or silence.

Just like an in-person connection, the key to wooing a woman online is all about respect. You’ll need to rely more on the written word than dialogue, as a general rule, but in this fashion, dating in the digital age really isn’t all that different from the old days. If it’s true love you’re after, gentleman always finish first.

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